BruceAnderson LQ

Bruce Anderson
Senior Strategist on Sustainability, World Port Sustainability Program, International Association of Ports and Harbors

Mr. Bruce Anderson is a founding Principal at Starcrest Consulting Group that focuses on air quality, greenhouse gases, and sustainability issues associated with ports and the maritime industry. His focus is on analyzing, developing, and implementing emission reduction strategies for ports through detailed technical analysis, development of technical scenario analysis to support policy decisions. He is the technical lead for the company’s work related to ocean-going vessels and pioneered and continues to lead the evolution of detailed data-intensive emissions inventories for port sources that address policy drivers and document programmatic results.

He continues to serve on IAPH’s IMO MEPC delegation as a Senior Advisor, led Starcrest’s efforts in the development of the IAPH Carbon Footprinting for Ports Guidance Document and the IAPH Tool Box, and continues to be involved with the implementation and evolution of the Environmental Ship Index on behalf of ports. He led Starcrest’s efforts on both the IMO Third GHG Study 2014 and the IMO Study for Emissions Control and Energy Efficiency Measures for Ships in the Port Area, and started the company’s Vessel Boarding Program. He’s serves on the US EPA Mobile Source Technical Review Subcommittee Ports Initiative and led the Emissions Inventory and Metrics Sub-working Groups.