Astrid LQ

Ms Astrid Dispert
Technical Adviser, GloMEEP Project
International Maritime Organization

Ms Astrid Dispert has as of November 2015 assumed the role of Technical Adviser to the GloMEEP Project where she is responsible for coordination of the project and provision of technical advisory services. Prior to that she worked for more than three years as Associate Professional Officer at IMO's Marine Environment Division where she was heavily involved in IMO's Committee work, in particular the MEPC agenda item on the "Reduction of GHG emissions from ships” and serving as Secretary to several technical working groups, including the MEPC working group on “Further technical and operational measures for enhancing the energy efficiency of international shipping”. She holds a Master's degree in both Physical Oceanography, and Coastal and Marine Management, as well as a Marine Surveying degree from Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.