LiZhe LQ

Ms Li Zhe
Coordinator of Strategy Research and Development Center, China Maritime Safety Administration

Ms. Li Zhe currently is a coordinator of Strategy Research and Development Center of China Maritime Safety Administration, which is a department serving as the inner think tank of China MSA by conducting researches, providing recommendations to decision makers and participating in strategy development and implementation. She has been engaging in strategic planning, carrying out research on maritime legislation and policy, drafting reports and promoting international cooperation for years.

As a member of the working group of GHG emission reduction from ships, Ms. LI has been following MEPC meetings, participating in the work of corresponding group and drafting proposal documents to MEPC, especially on the agenda item regarding energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction. She has also been actively working under the GEF-UNDP-IMO project of GloMEEP, including acting as the national consultant responsible for drafting the maritime energy efficiency strategy of China.