vivian LQ

Ms Vivian Rambarath-Parasram
MTCC Caribbean Director, The University of Trinidad and Tobago

Vivian is an Attorney at Law with over 20 years' experience in Maritime law, international environmental law, corporate governance and commercial law. She has been affiliated with The University of Trinidad and Tobago since 2007 and joined the full time faculty at the Maritime Campus in 2008. During this time she has developed degrees and courses that are specifically designed to fuel the development of the local and regional maritime industry. Vivian is the course leader for a suite of maritime law courses ranging from marine environmental protection to admiralty law. Vivian was appointed programme leader for all of Maritime Studies between the periods of 2012-2015 and resumed this role in June 2016. Prior to joining the UTT Vivian spent 9 years as a researcher, principal investigator and eventually Officer in Charge of the Legal and Policy Research Programme at the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA). Vivian also spent 3 years in the Business Energy and Tax practice area of the Lex Mundi law firm of M. Hamel-Smith & Company. During the span of her career, Vivian has frequently and successfully managed major commercial and academic projects. Vivian's primary areas of research interests include: maritime border security, marine surveillance and determining methods for overcoming legal and institutional challenges to maritime regulatory reform in the Caribbean Commonwealth.